The Premier Luxury Rental Car in the Northeast

Customized Plans

Our Exotic and Luxury Car Rental Fleet in New Jersey offers our clients exclusive access to one of the most elaborate fleets of luxury rental cars in the Northeastern US. Whether searching for a specific vehicle or not, we have you covered. 

Our team will customize a package for your rental needs based on the car type and where you are going/how long you need the vehicle for.

Rental Details

Rent-a-Shark reserves the right to hold a security deposit at our discretion.  We also require proof of valid driver license and full coverage insurance. We do typically provide discounts for multi-day rentals, however we frequently have a two-day minimum on weekends due to the high volume of inquiries we receive and limited inventory. 

MVP Fleet

We have an MVP fleet of luxury cars and SUVs that meet everyone's needs.  

Whether it’s taking a prospective client to lunch, or a new friend to a club you want to present just the right image. Rent-a-Shark did not invent the exotic car rental industry, we’re just the only ones doing it right. For starters, unlike others in the area, we aren’t brokers or distributors.  We own our own fleet. That means the car you see pictured on this site is the same one you get. If you say you want it for four days, you have it for four days. We don’t borrow or loan out vehicles to other dealers. We don’t share cars, so you don’t have to either. 

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