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Speak to a business expert right now!

When you’re sick, who do you call? A doctor.
When you want to get in shape, who do you call? A trainer.
But when you need help starting a business, who do you call?

What do all these people have in common? They are experts, with years of experience, education, success and failures, all to help improve specific areas of YOUR life. Why do they exist? Because a doctor wouldn’t expect you to treat a patient anymore than you’d expect a Doctor to handle your day job. With that in mind, ask yourself a question…

When you need help starting a business, who do you call?

You spend countless hours reading self help books, listening to seminars, watching business shows, trolling the Internet for answers, and spending months tracking down friends of friends who likely aren’t qualified (or even have the time) to give you advice. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just pick up the phone and speak to seasoned business executive who can give you all the answers you’ve been looking for, in just an hour?

Well now you can… with RENT A SHARK!

Think of a shark as a doctor, tutor, and trainer for your business, all rolled up into one. Sharks have gone to school for business, founded companies, actively invest in other’s ideas, and are now here to HELP YOUR BUSINESS succeed! At Rent A Shark, we’ve hand selected the brightest and most successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to listen to your idea and arm you with everything you’ll need to know to make it happen. Included with your call purchase, a Shark will:

✓ Conduct due diligence on your idea or business before you speak

✓ Listen to your pitch and give you comprehensive feedback on how to make it perfect

✓ Offer expert analysis: Is your idea a bust, or a must?

✓ Evaluate your business model and tell you what it takes to execute or evolve

✓ Discuss the competitive landscape and identify who you’ll need to look out for

✓ Advise you on the legal, financial, and development resources you will need to succeed

✓ Collaborate on fundraising options and approaches

✓ Ideate on marketing strategies and tactics to maximize acquisition

✓ Create a short and long term action plan to get you moving

✓ Answer any questions you have… this is your time with your expert!

We are so confident that Rent A Shark will change your business that if you aren’t completely satisfied with your call… just shoot us an email and we will give you a full refund! Rent A Shark is zero risk and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.*

Book your call
Money Back Guarantee

*Guarantee applies to first call only. Calls cancelled within 24 hours of call time will be charged full amount.